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Paints, Oils and Finishes

    • Herbal Oil #2

      A pleasant smelling oil-based sealer appropriate for food-preparation areas, wooden bowls, boards, and utensils, furniture, and toys.


    • original

      Hope's 100% Tung Oil

      A hard, beautiful hand-rubbed finish. No sanding, no brush marks, runs or streaks, water and alcohol resistant. Rubs in like an oil - dries hard like a varnish!

      from $14.95

    • original

      Old Fashioned Milk Paint

      This original formula from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company is available in 20 classic colors. For use on furniture, cabinets, children's toys and more.


    • original

      PolyWhey® Exterior Wood Finish

      Use PolyWhey Exterior Finish on exterior wood decks, fences, siding, railings, outdoor furniture and other wood surfaces. May be used on new wood, pressure-treated wood and weathered wood.

      from $24.95

    • original

      PolyWhey® Natural Floor Finish

      PolyWhey Floor finish is an evolved clear coating that uses recycled whey protein to make a durable and safe sealer and topcoat in one. Use PolyWhey Floor on new bare wood flooring or previously stained or coated wood floors.


    • original

      PolyWhey® Natural Furniture Finish

      Recommended for bare wood or previously varnished or stained furniture, trim, cabinets, paneling, tabletops, and doors, as well as craft items.

      from $20.95

    • original

      Primer Oil #1

      A light-bodied, economical, interior/exterior penetrating oil for sealing and priming hardwoods and more absorbent softwoods.

      from $20.95