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Old Fashioned Milk Paint SafePaint

SafePaint can be painted on most clean, dry surfaces. Where our traditional Old Fashioned Milk Paint prefers a porous surface, SafePaint prefers a nonporous surface. Once cured it develops good water resistance. This genuine, environmentally-safe, non-toxic, zero-VOC Milk Paint is available in twenty colors that dry to a beautiful velvet finish. Comes in powder form that mixes with water to make pints, quarts or gallons.

SafePaint, while still a true milk paint, has a more uniform appearance, while still very flat. It is fine for all interior wall applications both residential and commercial, including hospitals, retirement homes, schools, nurseries, offices, stores and public areas used by people allergic or otherwise sensitive to chemically based paints.

Color Chart

MSD Sheet

The Green Store is currently offering SafePaint online by the quart and gallon. One quart (16 ounces powder, plus water) covers approximately 75 square feet. One gallon (64 oz. powder, plus water) covers approximately 300 square feet.

Did you know that you can create lighter shades of any SafePaint color by mixing it with Snow White SafePaint?

SafePaint is also available as a translucent Base, without pigment, for those who wish to start from scratch with their own universal tinting colors or other water-soluble pigments.


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SAFEPAINT PROPERTIES: Environmentally safe | Non-toxic and biodegradable | Zero VOC’s- entirely solvent free | Non-flammable Faint milky odor when wet, odorless when dry | Clean up with soap and water. | Dry to the touch in 30 minutes. To re-coat, wait two hours. | Cures, hardens, and builds water resistance over time. | The dry powder form mixes best with room temperature water. | Fast drying | Powder in sealed bags should last indefinitely. | After opening, save powder in a glass jar or covered tin or airtight plastic storage bin. | Permanent colors | Available in a variety of colors which can be blended, by the user, to produce many tints and shades | Flat finish

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Color: Comes in sixteen historical colors. Also available as a translucent base to which pigment can be added for an infinite variety of hues, tones and shades. | Non-Flammable State: Dry Powder | Non-Combustible Mixing Medium: Water | Environmental Safety: Biodegradeable and non-toxic | Mixing Temperature: Mixes best with warm water | Thinner: Water | VOC’s: None – entirely solvent free | Clean Up: Soap and Water | Odor: Faint milky odor when wet, odorless when dry | Drying Time: Dry to the touch, 30 mins To re-coat, wait two hours. Cures and hardens over time. | Shelf Life: In sealed bag, indefinitely. As liquid, overnight, seal and refrigerate.