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“I love my Lifefactory glass water bottle! I take it everywhere I need to go. It’s great to be able to use an environmentally-friendly water bottle without it changing the taste of the water…”

-Jen W.

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Household Essentials
Wash the Dishes, Baskets, Storage Containers, Recycling & Food Scraps, Drawer & Cabinet Lighting, Cleaners & Accessories
Soaps, Brushes, Cleaners and Accessories
Drying Racks, Clean Clothes
School and Work
Books, Office Supplies, Lunch on the Go
Verilux, Fulcrum, Nightlights, Flashlights, Bulbs

Upkeep and Repair
Paints, Oils, and Finishes
Bioshield Oils, Vermont Naturals Poly Whey
Cleaning Products
AFM, Earth Friendly, Bon Ami, Accessories
Odor and Mold Control
Zeolite, Natural Air Fresheners, Safechoice Mold Treatments, Cedar
Everyday Health
Babies and Children
Slings, Feeding, Natural Toys, Clothing, Health
Comfort Measures
Hot and Cold Pacs, Oils and Rubs, Massage, Bath, Homeopathics, Beeswax, Aromatherapy
Especially for Women
Cloth Pads, Menstrual Cups, Lubricants, Disposables
Pure Water
Filters, Bottles, Dispensers, Water Tests

The Great Outdoors
Non-Toxic Pest Control, Bug Suits and Repellants, Soil Tests, Garden Tools
Kitchen Buckets, Outdoor Composters, Activators and Turners
Pets and Wildlife
Bird Houses and Feeders, Leashes for Dogs, Toys for cats
Gifts, Gadgets, and Games
Candles, Made in Maine, Fair-trade, Socks, Soaps
Wireless LED Lighting, Space Heaters, Fans, Novelty Items
Cooperative Games, Natural Toys, Crafts, Old-fashioned Fun

Vacation (Goin’ Upta Camp)
Composting Toilets
Stand Alone Units, Central Flush, Marine Units, Activators, Additives & Accessories
Energy Efficient Accessories
Flashlights, Area Lighting, Space Heaters, Fans, Humidifiers
Camp Décor
Balsam, Wooden Ware, Candles, Door Mats, Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs